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Your August Player of the Month is: Mason Greenwood



Delivered by Marcus Rashford 🚚Finished by Mason Greenwood 👋Your August Player of the Month is: Mason Greenwood
Congratulation Bro all the best this season

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most prolific goalscorer Old Trafford has had the privilege to witness since the turn of the century.

Ronaldo arrived in Manchester in 2003 with an adolescent look etched across his face – the famous classic Versace shirt that he wore was indicative of the time – and although his talent was immediately clear and obvious, it was also raw and unrefined.

After training at Carrington, Ronaldo would stay and relentlessly practice his trade, but no one could possibly foresee the meteoric trajectory his career would eventually take and he’s now arrived back to United after writing himself into the game’s every chapter.

Ronaldo’s homecoming this summer is a sensational move for all involved, however, while the dressing room is almost equally as excited as supporters at the announcement, it will understandably cause concerns over how it will affect others’ game time.

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