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When Marcus Rashford Met a Mercury Prize-Winning Rapper

Marcus Rashford has been in the news a lot recently, mainly thanks to his involvement in the EUROs. However, football is not Marcus Rashford’s only interest. One of his other passions is music – Rap Music.

Marcus Rashford

Recently, Marcus met up with a Mercury prize-winning rapper, Dave. They discussed several topics during their meeting, including politics, money, fashion, gaming, health, sports and tv. If you want to find out more about what happened during this interview, then keep reading below:

Who is the Mercury Prize-Winning Rapper Dave?

Dave is a 21-year-old south London rapper who moved into the mainstream music scene this year, winning a Mercury prize with his very first album release.

Why Did They Meet Up?

Dave is a huge Manchester United football fan and Rashford likes grime and rap music, so it was inevitable that they would want to meet each other one day.

Where Was the Meeting Held?

The meeting between Marcus Rashford and prize-winning rapper Dave was held in a hard-to-find studio in north London. Dave arrived at the studio first, closely followed by Marcus.

What Happened During the Meeting?

The meeting started with Marcus Rashford discussing the footballing season. He explained that the winter season is hard for footballers. Dave then joins in by telling Marcus that when he is not rapping, or doing music, his entire life revolves around football. He says that when he is travelling around the world, he spends most of his spare time watching football matches or talking about them. While he does spend some time talking about other things, he sees football as a lifestyle.

Next, they go on to discuss how old they are. Marcus asks Dave when he was born, and Dave replies that he was born in 1998. Dave then asks Marcus whether he can remember any of the music from his younger years to which Marcus replies that everyone was into TinchyStryder, Drake and Kano back then. Dave then starts talking about the music he listened to growing up. This included musicians like Yungen, Cashtastic and Krept and Konan.

After this, Marcus asks Dave when he first started rapping. Dave replied that he first attempted to rap when he was just 14 years old, but he was not very successful. In fact, Dave was quite embarrassed by his first attempt at rapping, particularly when he realised that most of his classmates had seen his rap online.

Dave continues talking about his childhood by saying that he also struggled when he was younger. In fact, his parents could only afford to give him £2 a day for dinner money. Not only that, but he never used to have breakfast as his family simplycould not afford it.

They then go on to discuss the links between football and music. Dave says that they are two industries where black individuals can do well because talent is undeniable. You cannot deny amazing athletic performance, nor can you deny an amazing voice. However, he says that in other industries, circumstances can have an effect on your achievements.

Marcus and Dave continue their discussion by talking about things like whether they plan on voting in the next election, and fashion. When it comes to fashion, Dave believes that both football andmusic can have an impact on fashion, and Marcus agrees.

As you can see from how the meeting progressed, both Marcus and Dave got a lot out of their meeting. It is clear that both of them love football and rap music, and we can see why. Let’s hope they get to meet up again in the future.

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