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Possible reasons why he hasn’t proposed marriage yet

LoveA lot of ladies get to ask why it is taking a particular guy who seems as though he is interested in them so much time propose marriage to them. Possible reasons could be that:

1. You appear too desperate for marriage: Men get scared when a lady is acting too desperate towards them, it appears as though the woman is after his money or she wants something else other than true love. Men see true love as a man going after a woman and not the other way round.

2. He is already having sex with you: Men naturally loses value for anything free, so if he is can always have sex with you before marriage, then there is nothing really new to look forward to in marriage with you, so, he might want to try someone else. Men are sex-motivated.

3. He doesn’t really love you: A man who truly loves you will not hesitate to ask for your hand in marriage.

4. He has other options: If a man who has been hanging around you and has not yet made known his intentions to marry you might be around just having you as one of his options for consideration or comparison.

5. He is scared of the financial demands of marriage and feels he is not yet ready: Many men are scared of the financial aspect of marriage, and might want to really take their time to make money before getting married.

6. He is not sure that you are the one: If a man is not sure of you being his wife, it might take him a while to propose marriage to you to be sure.

7. Bad character: When a man sees bad character in a lady, he might be hoping to see a change before he goes on with a marriage proposal.

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