These Are the 5 Best Places for Travel on a Budget

One of the best parts about aging is having extra time to travel. Although your young decades may have been spent on work and children, your recent years are a time to explore the world with a new sense of wonder. However, this is also a time when you may need to save more money than before, so choosing cheap places is important. If you are not sure where to go next, do not be afraid. Continue reading to learn the five best budget-friendly places for those over the age of 65, according to industry experts.

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1-Nassau, Bahamas
What better way to spend your golden years than under the golden sunset? “Clean, clear seawater in the Bahamas is a good reason not to miss a trip there,” said Anton Radchenko, founder of AirAdvisor. A series of islands off the coast of Florida is home to more than 2,000 beaches, with the capital Nassau offering a handful of free and public places.

The Bahamas are relatively safe, “Radchenko said. ) or a visit to the Pirates of Nassau Museum ($ 13.50) An all-inclusive resort will help you keep foreign prices low.

2-Bruges, Belgium
Belgium, known for its waffles, fried cakes, beers, and chocolate, makes people over the age of 65 a great place to stay. “The city is small and easily accessible on foot,” Radchenko said. And because it is less popular than its European neighbors like France and Germany, it is also a cheap tad.

Bruges is characterized by its medieval architecture, aqueducts, and beautiful stone roads. You will find one of the best — and least expensive — entertainment here. Once you are done with that, you can visit a list of cultural institutions, such as the Gruuthusemuseum and the Bruges Beer Experience Museum for an afternoon of education.

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3-Glasgow, Scotland
If you have never been to Scotland, now it may be time to dive across the lake. U.S.News & World Report notes that Glasgow is one of the most affordable cities in the world, with four-star hotels available for less than $ 150 a night. In addition, many of the city’s attractions are free or budget-friendly.

For your first day, walk the grounds of the University of Glasgow and the cemetery of Necropolis. Then, spend time with cultural centers such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (free) and Glasgow Cathedral (free). You can take the train to the less expensive area of ​​Edinburgh for only $ 7 if you decide you would like to change speed.

4-Budapest, Hungry
The U.S. News & World Report ranks Hungarian capital as one of the most affordable European holidays. Budapest is divided into the Danube River and most of the city is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once there, visit the impressive neo-gothic Parliament building (free), take the Great Market (price depends on how hungry you are), and take a walk in the Jewish Quarter (free). For something you will not find anywhere else, visit the site. These drinking holes are kept mostly in antique warehouses and pre-war buildings. You will also feel like one of the kids as soon as you get inside.

5-Galway, Ireland
You may find flights to Ireland from the U.S. for less than $ 400, which is why this place is one of our favorite for adults on a budget. To get to Galway — one of the healthiest and busiest places in the world, I fly to Shannon Airport and hit a rental car or tourist bus north. There, you will be captivated by Irish stage dancers on the town square and a host of bars playing traditional Irish music (live, of course).

From Galway, you can easily head to Connemara National Park (for free) to enjoy mountain trails and spectacular scenery. You could also take a bus for less than 20 euros to the mysterious Kylemore Abbey, a well-known Benedictine monk with hectares of well-maintained gardens. After a long day of checking in, check back in your hotel counter — most can be booked for less than 100 euros a night.

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