How to use Book Keeper for Mobile Shop

How to use Book Keeper for Mobile Shop

For mobile shop, you have to maintain all the mobile IMEI number, color & manufacturing date and even it should be printed in the invoice along with the details. So, we will look in this link from the beginning company creation, how to create IMEI for a particular mobile and which report you can check for the same.


How to Create a new Company?

Open Book keeper > Click on Create New Company > Mention all the details of the company like:

  • Company Name
  • Business type as Mobile Store
  • Contact number and Address
  • Email Address
  • Company GSTIN
  • If needed, Company logo and signature

Save the company at the end.

How to Create Customers or Suppliers?

Once the company is created, on the dashboard Click on All Accounts at left side > New Customer or New Supplier. Add the further details of the particular party. Make sure as much details you will mention while creating the party, software will fetch the same details at the time of viewing the voucher.


How to create an inventory item?

On Dashboard, Go to Inventory items > New Inventory Item > Fill up all the details of the particular item > Save it.


You can even import all the products from excel as well in Book keeper

  • On the main Dashboard, Go to Tools > Import items/service from excel.
  • Download the Excel file and manually mention all the items in our Book keeper excel format.
  • Select the same excel file by browsing it from the local device.
  • Simply, import it.


How to Enable IMEI number in the Software.

From the Dashboard, Go to Settings > Template Settings > Item Table > Enable Batch/Expiry feature and change name of Batch to IMEI and change brand name to Color and enable Mfg Date. Disable all other columns.

Note: If you have Selected the business type as mobile store while creating the company then it will automatically enable the Batch/expiry feature and it will change the heading to IMEI, Color and Mfg date.



Lets create a purchase voucher with different IMEI number of any item

  • Go to Transactions > Click on Purchase > Create.
  • Select the Supplier name, Add the particular item in the item field > Press enter.
  • As you press enter, the window will appear in which you can define the IMEI number and other details by using the enter button and mention Quantity you have bought.
  • You can select multiple IMEIs in single purchase.


How to create an invoice and sell one item with a particular IMEI number

  • Go to Transactions > Invoice > Create.
  • Select the Customer name, Add an item in the item field and press enter.
  • It will add the same item in the item table.
  • Then again press enter > Select the IMEI number and Quantity > Continue.


How to take out the print of a voucher and mail it to the client.

Once you have created the voucher, now if you want to print and email to someone on his mail Address then follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you should have mentioned the customer email id while creating the particular account of the customer/supplier and company email id must be there in Company Settings.
  • Then view the particular voucher > At the top left side either press on Alt+P or click on print


How to check the reports?

35+ reports are present in Book Keeper Windows.
Check out full list of 35 reports here.


  1. Day Book– In this report, you can generate a day Book that contains daily transactions, sorted by date, for a specified period. Moreover, you can apply the filters according to your own requirement.
  2. Sales register– This report provides the consolidated sales details to check the effective control on the business along with the profit of each and every sales transactions. It can displays the information of sales for a particular period as well.
  3. Inventory summary– This report gives you the total Quantity and value of all the stock. Use the filter of specific period, warehouse, category & sub-category and many more.
  4. Inventory item details– This report allows you to understand the particular item wise transactions alongside applying the filter of Account type and voucher type. Moreover, it gives you the profit of the particular item while you are selling it simultaneously.
  5. Profit & Loss report– A profit & loss report shows the profitability of the Business over a specific period of time which is commonly used on the basis of Monthly, Quarterly or Annually.
  6. Customer/Supplier list– This report is often used to check out the customer and supplier details like their GSTIN, Address, Credit period/limit and Significantly more info. Especially, Cash transaction details are also shown over here.
  7. Outstanding report– We have two specific reports for outstanding one is Receivable and second one is payable. Outstanding receivable report is for the customers from which you have to owe money and payable means that you need to pay the amount to your suppliers.
  8. GSTR1 report– This report is used for filling the return to the government every month or Quarterly of a taxpayer. It contains all your sales transactions i.e outward supplies.

All these Reports can be exported to Excel, MS Word, PDF Format.


Happy Exploring, Download Book Keeper today and give it a try.

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