10 Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

Studying in Canada is much more affordable than many other countries. Here are 10 cheap universities in Canada for international students.
Studying in Canada is an excellent alternative for those looking for an affordable degree as an international student. Canada offers low tuition rates for international and domestic students. Plus, you’ll be studying in an English (or French!) environment in a highly developed country. The education system in Canada is reputable and comparable to countries such as the U.K. and the U.S.

Many international students choose to study in Canada for the low tuition prices, ease and comfort of living, and great reputation of the universities. For those looking for affordable degrees, here are 10 cheap universities in canada for international students — plus a bonus free one!

Why Study in Canada
1. It’s affordable.
Compared to top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries, Canada offers degrees that are much easier on your wallet.

2. The reputation.
Canada has a reputation for one of the best education systems in the world, and its universities are no exception.

3. Ease of living.
Studying in another country can sound daunting, but making that happen in an English-speaking, first-world country makes it easier for international students to get along.

Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students 2019

Tuition for international students studying in Canada will depend on the type of program and where you choose to study. Bachelor’s degrees will vary from $7,203 up to $49,800 per year in tuition, while yearly tuition fees for Master’s degrees will cost between $3,222 to $42,850.

Top Universities
U.S. News lists the top Canadian universities as University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University and University of Montreal. These universities are all recognized internationally as excellent global schools and still offer much more affordable tuition rates than their international counterparts.

University of Montreal
Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $13,048 – $16,990
Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,372
McGill University
Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $16,815 – $45,263
Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,816
McMaster University
Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $20,808 – $27,978
Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,761 – $17,096
University of British Columbia
Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $25,978 – $36,588
Master’s Degree Tuition: $8,605
University of Toronto
Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $42,870 – $49,800
Master’s Degree Tuition: $6,900 – $22,640
Cheap Bachelor Degrees in Canada
If you’re looking for the most affordable options Canada has to offer, look no further.

1. University of the People
Location: Online
Tuition: Tuition-Free
Degree Programs: Associate, Bachelor, Master (Business Administration, Education, Computer Science and Health Science)
UoPeople is a US accredited online university, meaning you can study anywhere and anytime! The application process is simple and the rewards of degree completion are definitely worthwhile.

2. Brandon University
Location: Brandon, Manitoba
Tuition: $7,203
Degree Programs: BA, BBA, BEd, BFA, BM, BN, BSc
International students at Brandon U are invited to apply with the university’s international application process. Brandon University claims to have a long and positive relationship with international students and offers one-to-one professor interactions and research opportunities not available at larger universities.

3. Université de Saint-Boniface
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tuition: $7,482
Degree Programs: Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts, Social Work, Translation, Science, Nursing, Business and Education. Students may continue studies towards a Master’s degree at the University of Manitoba
International students at Saint-Boniface must expect to be able to speak a certain level of French as this is a French university. Some programs also require a level of English proficiency as well.

4. University of Guelph
Location: Guelph, Ontario
Tuition: $9,730
Degree Programs: Bachelor’s Degrees from 5 Colleges (Arts, Biological Sciences, Business & Economics, Engineering &
Physical Sciences, Social & Applied Human Sciences)
International students at Guelph will receive special assistance at the university with visa applications, English language study, housing, and have access to an advisor specifically for international students.

5. Canadian Mennonite University
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tuition: $10,003
Degree Programs: Three- and four-year BA, BSc, BBA, and Master’s Programs
International students at CMU are welcomed and encouraged to apply due to their undoubtedly wide variety of experiences and perspectives that they may bring. International students may choose from over 19 majors for bachelor’s studies.

6. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
Tuition: $11,460
Degree Programs: More than 100 programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Certificates
International students at MUN: Memorial University warmly welcomes and encourages international applications. The university offers specialized services for international students such as student advising, an internationalization office, and international student groups.

Cheap Master Degrees in Canada
1. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
Tuition: $3,222
Degree Programs: Large variety of Master’s and Doctorate programs both in person and online, in fields of Humanities & Social Sciences, Professional Programs, Interdisciplinary Programs, and Sciences
2. University of Northern British Columbia
Location: Prince George, British Columbia
Tuition: $3,297
Degree Programs: MBA, MSc, MEd, MEng, MScN, MSW, Graduate Certificates, and Doctorate programs
3. University of Calgary
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Tuition: $3,693
Degree Programs: Offers course-based and research-based Master’s and Doctorate degrees in a variety of subjects
4. Simon Fraser University
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
Tuition: $3,743
Degree Programs: Variety of graduate programs in Applied Sciences, Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Communication, Art & Technology, Education, Environment, Health Sciences, and Science
5. University of Saskatchewan
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tuition: $4,358
Degree Programs: Over 80 Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Specializing in research and medical fields

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